XRP Price Potential to Reach $1.44

Popular crypto analyst “JAVON MARKS” on X believes that XRP has the potential to be bullish, with the possibility of returning to the psychological level of $1.44. This level is a significant resistance that the major cryptocurrency previously reached in May 2021. From there, according to him, XRP could continue its extreme rise. The analyst … Read more

Strong Buy Indication for Altcoins besides Bitcoin

Fahmi Almuttaqin, an analyst at crypto exchange Reku, has highlighted a “strong buy” indication for altcoins. He also discussed various factors influencing the recent extreme fluctuations in the crypto market, particularly the economic situation in the United States. Strong Buy Indication for Altcoins The “strong buy” signal for altcoins, or cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, is … Read more

Market Sentiment Towards the SOL ETF

Despite skepticism from financial giants like JPMorgan about the potential approval of a Solana ETF, the market’s response has been overwhelmingly positive. SOL’s price surged this week, even as other cryptocurrencies faced declines. Additional Momentum from ARK 21Shares Adding to the excitement, ARK 21Shares has also filed for a SOL spot ETF. Notably, this filing … Read more

First Solana ETF Shakes Up the Market

Cryptopolitan reports that excitement around Solana is palpable, especially following VanEck’s application for the first SOL ETF. This move has sparked increased interest and speculation within the crypto community. Bitcoin Market Dominance Declines Notably, Bitcoin’s market dominance has declined, dropping from 52.8% on June 25 to around 50% on June 30, while Solana continues to … Read more

Decline in Treasury Revenue

Revenue Decrease The report highlights a worrying decline in treasury revenue. The second half of 2023 saw a 58.5% drop in revenue, falling from 414,291 DOT to 171,696 DOT. This decline is primarily due to reduced network fees. Inflation-Based Income Additionally, inflation-based income for the treasury in the first half of 2024 was over 5.2 … Read more

Expenditures and Asset Details of Polkadot Treasury

The Polkadot Treasury is facing financial challenges with approximately two years left at the current expenditure rate. However, the volatility of its crypto-denominated assets makes precise predictions difficult. Asset Holdings As of now, Polkadot holds $188 million in liquid assets, primarily in its native coin DOT, along with stablecoins Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC). … Read more

Technical Approach of PoW+DAG

The BlockDAG approach, similar to Kaspa, combines Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology with the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism. This hybrid system diverges from traditional linear blockchains like Bitcoin by using a DAG structure, allowing multiple transaction blocks to be added simultaneously without any being discarded. Key Features of the PoW+DAG Approach Benefits of the PoW+DAG … Read more

What is BDAG Crypto and the BlockDAG Blockchain?

BDAG (BlockDAG) is an innovative cryptocurrency that leverages the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure to overcome the limitations of traditional blockchain systems. BDAG serves as the native cryptocurrency for the BlockDAG Network. Key FeaturesParallel Processing: Unlike conventional blockchains that rely on a linear sequence of blocks, BlockDAG processes multiple blocks simultaneously. This parallel processing capability … Read more

RollBlock’s Focus in the Gaming Sector

Amidst the cryptocurrency news for NOT, SOL, and XRP, a new project named RollBlock (RBLK) is making strides in the online gaming sector, specifically in skill-based games. Overview of RollBlock RollBlock leverages decentralized finance (DeFi) principles in its operations. Users can engage with the platform using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and RollBlock’s native … Read more

Current XRP Price Analysis and Bullish Potential

As of Thursday, June 27, 2024, XRP has experienced a 1.5 percent drop over the past 24 hours, trading around $0.47. This decline follows a downward movement in Bitcoin, which has approached a crucial support level. A breach below this support could spell trouble for XRP and the broader cryptocurrency market. XRP Price Movement and … Read more

VanEck Files Proposal for Solana Spot ETF in the US

In the latest cryptocurrency news, investment management firm VanEck announced on Thursday that it has filed an application for a Solana Trust with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This marks the beginning of VanEck’s process to establish an exchange-traded fund (ETF) for Solana, making it the first to apply for a Solana … Read more

Latest Notcoin Burn Equivalent to US$3 Million

The recent token burn permanently removed Notcoin (NOT) tokens worth US$3 million from circulation, equating to 210 million NOT tokens based on the TON blockchain. Community-Focused Tokenomics “Notcoin’s tokenomics are increasingly community-oriented,” stated the NOT developers on their official X account a few days ago. Purpose of Token Burn Token burning is a process where … Read more